//Blackbeard’s Ghost (blog)

Blackbeard’s Ghost (blog)

Blackbeard's Ghost DVDWalt Disney movies are well documented for their heart warming and funny stories, but ‘Blackbeard’s Ghost’ really is a hilarious triumph for both the Disney name, and Peter Ustinov who delivered a cracking performance as Blackbeard the Pirate.

The ghost of Black Beard returns to modern day times having been cursed by his last wife, who happened to be a powerful witch. When he serves her up to the authorities, she is sentenced to hanging and leaves him with one final gift – a curse. Only will the ghost be able to rest once he has committed one act of human kindness – which may not be so easy for an infamous and riotous pirate to achieve.

Ok, so there are moments where the suspension wire is visible, and Captain Black Beard looks like a puppet on string – but the performance he delivers is far from wooden, and the gag reel moments are barely noticeable amongst the fun and excitement the film offers in abundance.

Blackbeard’s Ghost 1968 103 mins approx.

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