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Can’t Stop The Music (blog)

Can't Stop The Music - starring The Village People‘Can’t Stop The Music’ is a 1980’s hit musical comedy, directed by Nancy Walker. Only a pseudo autobiography the movie bears a vague resemblance to the actual story behind one of the leading groups of its day, the popular camp disco group ‘The Village People’.

The thinly disguised alias Jack Morell (based on the bands actual founder Jacques Morali) is a struggling composer, desperate to create success with the songs he has written. Turning to help from his roommate, and a lawyer friend, he finds 6 men in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood he lives in, and creates a classic blend of camp disco. The story charts their rise from nothingness to the peak of their success in New York.

The films producer Allan Carr made his success through the classic hit movie ‘Grease’ and therefore expectations for ‘Can’t Stop The Music’ were incredibly high. Having cost a colossal $20,000,000 to create, the film received scathing reviews as disco music started receiving a backlash from US fans, and therefore made only a tenth of the initial cost back at box office. However the hit soundtrack was well received, and became a top 10 hit. The movie didn’t receive the recognition deserved until much later.

Can’t Stop The Music (1980) 118 mins approx.
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