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Eeerie Indiana TV Series on DVDWhen Marshall Tellers’ family move to Eerie, Indiana (population 16,661) he unwillingly discovers that everything weird that happens on the planet seems centred around the small town. Elvis lives in his neighbourhood, Big Foot rifles through his trash and a pair of twins stay forever young by sleeping in Tupperware – Marshall (Omri Katz) really has a tough time of adjusting to his new, confusing lifestyle. The only person who believes him is his 10 year old friend Simon. Together it’s their job to uncover the mysteries and horrors that Eerie veils, and uncover them to the World.

The show had a quirky and fun plot that was drastically different from others of its kind – and enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Every episode has a unique premise and is funny, even exciting – and completely bizarre.

Considered way ahead of its time Eerie Indiana lasted 19 episodes and had a cult following of not only young teens, but an older target audience who deemed the show to have a black humour, and Marshalls narratives throughout the show were both insightful, funny and a huge asset to a TV show that unfortunately became a hit once it had ended.

Eerie Indiana (1991-1992) 456 mins approx.
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