//Murder By Death (blog)

Murder By Death (blog)

Spoof of the classic murder mystery stories – including a spooky mansion, butler, group of guests and a ‘one of us is a murderer’ storyline. The ‘guests’ are also parodies with Peter Falk playing Sam Diamond a cross between Bogart’s Sam Spade and Columbo, David Niven playing The Thin Man, a very non-pc Peter Sellers playing Charlie Chan (Wang in the movie), and Miss Marbles and Milo Perrier being very influenced by Agatha Christies Marples and Poirot.

“The isolated mansion of eccentric millionaire Lionel Twain (Truman Capote) is the setting for the twisted puzzler. Twain informs his guests that one of them will be murdered at the stroke of midnight. The pay-off : $1 million to whoever lives through the night. MURDER BY DEATH neatly lampoons both the mystery genre and the characterisations of these instantly recognisable gumshoes. Match wits with the super sleuths, but remember, you can’t win if you end up dying from laughter!”

Murder By Death (1976) 91 mins approx.

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