//The Gnome-Mobile (blog)

The Gnome-Mobile (blog)

In The Gnome-Mobile Walter Brennan plays D.J. Mulrooney, the head of a large timber corporation who is looking after his grandchildren (Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber who also starred together in Mary Poppins) for the summer. Whilst enjoying a picnic in the forest one of the children goes exploring and finds a young gnome named Jasper. He is keen to find a mate but fears that he and his grandfather are the last of their kind. The children and their grandfather set off in his Rolls Royce (‘The Gnomemobile’) in search of a bride for Jasper. Their search soon develops into a wild chase and an escape from an asylum (well, wouldn’t you be a bit worried about someone claiming to be helping some gnomes?!) when an enterprising showman discovers the gnomes and quickly masterminds a kidnapping plot!

The Gnome Mobile (1967) 81 mins approx.

Disney’s Gnome-Mobile DVD

The Gnomemobile – Trailer


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