//Clangers – Series 1 (1969) NEW R2 DVD

Clangers – Series 1 (1969) NEW R2 DVD


Meet the family of pink long-nosed Clangers who live and whistle on a blue cratered moon somewhere in space.



The Clangers – Complete 1st Series

Year Made: 1969

Episodes: Flying, The Visitor, Chicken, Music, The Intruder, Visiting Friends, Fishing, The Top-Hat, The Egg, The hoot, The Meeting, Treasure, Goods.

CLANGER ALERT! After watching these episodes, you may experience spontaneous bursts of imitation Clanger whistling. Do not panic – these symptons are totally harmless but may cause slight irritation to family and friends!

Running Time: 2 hrs approx.
Languages: English
Screen Format: 4:3 Full Frame
Format: Region 2 Pal DVD
Condition: BRAND NEW
Certification: U