//King Rollo – The Complete Series NEW R2 DVD

King Rollo – The Complete Series NEW R2 DVD


This nostalgic DVD features all thirteen original episodes of the animation produced in 1980 by McKee’s own King Rollo Films studio



The Adventures of King Rollo
Year Made: 1980

King Rollo is a children’s character created by David McKee in 1979 who featured in a series of books, TV animations narrated by Ray Brooks and a comic strip in the magazine Buttons.

The central character of the stories is Rollo himself, a childlike King who is often in need of advice and assistance from his friends. Among these are The magician (a father figure) Cook (a mother figure who is arguably the real ruler of the kingdom); his neighbours, Queen Gwen and King Frank; and perhaps most importantly, King Rollo’s cat Hamlet, who is generally portrayed as wiser than King Rollo himself.

Episodes : The Bread, The Playroom, The Bath, The Dishes, The New Shoes, The Breakfast, The Tree, The Comic, King Frank, The Birthday, The Balloons, The Search, The Dog

Stories and Artwork by David McKee, Narrated by Ray Brooks with original Music by Duncan Lamont

Running Time: 65 mins approx.
Languages: English
Format: Region 2 Pal DVD
Condition: BRAND NEW
Certification: E (exempt from classification)